Of great importance to every homeowner is energy efficiency.  The goal of being a low energy consumer for the good of our environment, as well as the concern over the cost of energy, is why The Bradley Company provides design & planning, analysis, testing, construction practices, and materials that exceed the mandatory energy standards for structures today.


Prior to the permitting process, The Bradley Company completes an energy modeling plan for every house.  This plan is evaluated and analyzed by our energy management team.  The analysis takes into account the structural design, construction practices and all materials that will be used in the construction. This ensures that every home is set-up and on track to outperform all energy standards from the very beginning of the project.


During construction, in addition to county and city inspections, The Bradley Company conducts periodic site audits by our energy management team to oversee the energy plan compliance.  This step is not common in the industry and helps separate The Bradley Company services from other builders.  By monitoring code compliance throughout construction, we avoid unexpected delays and setbacks.


Standard package in every home we build:


• Fox Block Insulated 8” concrete foundation walls

• Mechanically ventilated crawl space

• Urethane foam in the Rim Joist, Electrical/Plumbing penatrations

• 2x6 walls with R=21 insulation and a sealed vapor barrier

• All windows are triple pane Low-E Argon and sealed wrap on the outside

• Trusses to have an 11 ½” energy heal to allow for more insulation

• Ceiling insulation is R=49

• Exterior doors to be fiberglass with urethane insulation

• Garage is fully insulated and finished sheetrock

• Forced air heat system 95% efficient with air cleaner

• Heat Recovery Ventilator System

• Water to be supplied through a Maniblock System

• Toilets to be low flow

• All lighting to be LED




We are more than confident that our energy plans and methods far exceed the mandated requirements and provide owners with a home that is not only made well and aesthetically pleasing, but also is energy efficient and comfortable to live in.