Sonoma Strong

The Bradley Company was started nearly 40 years ago in Petaluma, CA.  The foundation of this company was built on honesty, trust, quality, and reliability. The Bradley Company has proven project after project that it will perform, and both meet and exceed the needs and goals of every client.


The Bradley Company sees and understands the tremendous need for help to rebuild after the devastation of the 2017 Northern California wildfires. The need is not simply to find someone to build new homes, but to work with a company that has the knowledge, ability, resources, and desire to get people back in their homes and back to their lives as quickly as possible. The goal at The Bradley Company is simple and straightforward: to take the headaches and hassles of each step of the rebuilding process away from the property owner, so they can take a deep breath knowing that all the details and necessary processes are being handled by our staff in an efficient and timely manner.  We pride ourselves on producing a quality product that meets our high standards involving building supplies, construction practices, aesthetics, and customer service.


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